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RP continually liaises with reputable local and overseas Universities for Advanced standing arrangements for our Diploma programmes. RP graduates who are interested in continuing with their education overseas typically can obtain up to 1.0 - 1.5 years exemptions from a degree programme except for the top tier Universities in Australia (G8 or Group of Eight Universities) and the UK. Click here for more information.

RP is in the process of working with more than 100 Universities from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, and USA/Canada . Refer to the table below for details. Once the formal credit transfer arrangements are in place, and agreed by partner universities, such advance standing is also applicable for offshore degree programes (UK, Australia) offered at Private Educational Organizations (PEOs) in Singapore.

Disclaimer: Please note that RP has formal articulation agreements for units or subject exemption with these universities mentioned in this website. The Universities however, reserve the right to accept qualified applicants depending on vacancies, GPA points, and apply all registration fees and semester fees or annual fees, as applicable to all foreign students. These are normally stipulated in the university website or can be found if you search under “name of University followed by course fees” in any internet search engine.

Applicants applying for advanced standing may find their fees adjusted in line with the universities’ policy and hence may not be reflected as the standard fee for the year. Please check with the university directly when applying.

All articulation options currently mapped out in this website applies to graduates of RP.
For current students, and future graduating cohorts, the articulation agreements for exemptions may change as a result of changes in the diploma curriculum or the University’s degree program.
Please use this site as a guide and to confirm the exemptions again with the university at the time of application.

  RP has partnership programmes with the following Universities
Monash University (Australia)
DBMS students can pursue Degree in Biomedical Science at Monash University, Australia if they qualify the entry requirements.
Click here for more information.
SIT students are able to pursue an IT Degree (BITS - Bachelor of Information Technology & Systems) at Monash University, Australia.
Click here for more information.

  Specialist Diplomas, Certificate courses and Short courses are offered by the Centre for Professional Development

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