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I never really knew what each day had in store for me, as I was always pleasantly surprised and challenged out of my comfort zone.
Natalie Fernandez
Diploma in Mass Communication
School of Management and Communication
Intern at Elle Magazine, Singapore

Covering stories allowed me to go out for press launches, interviews and meet new people which was very exciting. With this eye-opening internship, I had the opportunity to interview celebrities such as celebrity chef Rachel Khoo, and my personal favourite: Isaac Wright (who plays Bran Stark on Game of Thrones).

I believe that my internship was a stepping stone for me to get a taste of the wellness industry.
Swathi D/O Ramesh
Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management
School of Hospitality (SOH)
Intern at Banyan Tree Spa

My internship with Banyan Tree Spa was an eye-opener. I experienced what it was like to work in the service industry as a full-time staff. It was definitely rewarding as I learned a lot during my internship.

This internship has helped me to prepare for my future.
Francis Liew
Diploma in Mobile Software Development
School of Infocomm (SOI)
Intern at Kisarazu NIT, Japan

My responsibilities as a bioinformatician included coding programmes to analyse anti-coagulation proteins, to help improve medication. As my professor was fairly busy, I had to independently resolve obstacles I met along the way. I'm grateful that SOI has taught me to be more resourceful.

This internship gave me real-life experience of coaching children!
Iris Phua Yun Ru
Diploma in Sports Coaching
School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL)
Intern at Happy Fish

Happy Fish gave me the chance to observe and teach students, and learn the administrative operations of the company. I am glad that I was able to apply the coaching skills I had acquired from my course into my internship.

My career aspiration is to be an entrepreneur. Thanks to this internship, I’ve learnt a lot about essential processes and skills needed to develop my business in future!
Kerwin Tan
Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management
School of Engineering (SEG)
Intern at Phee Group, Myanmar

From what I have learned through RP's Problem-based Learning (PBL), I was able to apply my skills to this internship and helped Phee Group to solve certain issues that they were facing.

If I were to describe my experiences in DigiPen in one word, it would be 'adventure'!
Jeanne Strachan
Diploma in Game Design
School of Technology for the Arts (STA)
Intern at DigiPen Institution, Seattle

I'm grateful to be an STA student because I've been able to apply what I've learnt in class into my internship. What's more, I got to experience celebrations and festivities such as Labour Day, Halloween, Black Friday Sales, and loads more. So, I’d say overall my overseas internship in DigiPen was a great adventure and I will never trade that experience for anything else.

This internship was unique because other than working with marine mammals, I also learnt about various aspects of the job.
Gabriel Chew
Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture
School of Applied Science (SAS)
Intern at RWS Dolphin Island

During my internship with RWS Dolphin Island, I got to work up close and personal with the dolphins! This internship helped me understand what it's like working in an environment where animals are involved.