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Diploma in Information Technology (R12)

Course Structure

To graduate with a Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), you must satisfy the modular criteria set by School of Information and Communications Technology (SIT). The following table lists the modules offered for the Diploma in Information Technology. Each module is worth 4 modular credits (MC).

Table 2: Course Structure for the DIT

1) General Modules
(32 MC)

8 compulsory modules:

A101 Science
A113 Mathematics
C105 Introduction to Programming
C111 New Media Communications
G101 Cognitive Processes and Problem Solving
G103 Introduction to Communication Practice
B102 Organisational Behaviour
B216 Marketing

2) Discipline Modules
(36 MC)

9 compulsory modules:

C202 Systems Analysis and Design
C203 Web Application Development
C207 Database Systems
C208 Object-Oriented programming
C225 Data Communications and Networking
C226 Operating Systems
C235 IT Security and Management
C293 Interactive Web Design and Development
C307 Systems Scripting

3) Select one of the Specialisation Options

Option 1 (16 MC)
Networking and Security Specialisation

Select any 4 modules out of the following:

C322 Network and Data Centre Management
C326 Internetworking
C327 Internet Server Technologies
C328 Network Infrastructure
C332 Intrusion Detection Systems
C335 Network Security
C341 Wireless Communications
C343 Mobile Networks

Option 2 (16 MC)
IT Security Specialisation
All 4 modules listed below:

C331 Digital Security and Forensics
C332 Intrusion Detection Systems
C333 Business Continuity Technologies
C335 Network Security

Option 3 (16 MC)
Enterprise Infrastructure Management Specialisation

Select any 4 modules out of the following:

C322 Network and Data Centre Management
C327 Internet Server Technologies
C330 Linux Server Administration and Virtualization
C333 Business Continuity Technologies
C381 IT Service Operations

4) Elective Modules
(4 MC)

Select 1 module from the list of electives:

B215 Financial Accounting
B217 Sales Management
B221 Human Resource Management
B320 Business Finance
C303 IT Project Management
C306 Data Structures and Algorithms
C323 Internet Protocol (IP) Convergence
C324 Mainframe Computing
C345 Mobile Applications Development
C352 Management Information Systems

5) Freely Chosen Module (4 MC)

Select 1 module from the entire range of modules offered by the Schools and Centres in RP.

6) Industry Orientation Programme (28 MC)

G301 Project
G901 Creative Engagement
C931  Industry Immersion Programme (20 MC)

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