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Ancient Martial Art, Young Talents
On 30 October, Republic Polytechnic's Wushu Interest Group took part in the Traditional Wushu Inter-Varsity Championship 2010. The IG's excellent performance resulted in 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Our Logo

Freshness, Vigour and Modernity

Our logo consists of a shield or ‘badge of honour’ that signifies the pride we take in education at the Republic. Cast in green and black, it eloquently symbolises the freshness, vigour and modernity of the learning experience we offer, and complements our unique situation as a campus-in-the-park when we move to our home in Woodlands.

The letters ‘R’ and ‘P’, standing for the name of our institution, can be found in two dynamic strokes that carve through each side of the shield. Their bold advance suitably represents our position as a leading pioneer in the field of PBL pedagogy, as well as our determination to ensure our education will reflect the latest developments in industry and technology.

A classic emblem for an exceptional institution of learning, our shield will maintain its appeal and relevance as we grow through the years, and as we seek to make our vision of the Republic - as a space for creativity, enterprise, and the holistic development of the individual - a reality.

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