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  • Republic Polytechnic is Unique! 

    At RP, we are different because we embrace technology in every way we can in order to create the best learning environment. Our campus is wireless; our students canps1 use their notebooks everywhere, even in outdoor areas. We are eager to introduce our new and impressive campus to those who have not visited us yet, including the state-of-the-art The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) and Adventure Learning Centre (ALC).

    Better still - come visit our campus to experience RP’s vibrant and dynamic culture for yourself! Besides playing hard, RP students work hard too. Our schools and centres offer 42 courses from Aerospace Avionics to Sports & Leisure Management to Game Design – we are sure among them there is a course that will excite you.

    We welcome you and your friends to come to RP and speak with our staff personally.

    Our Learning Spaces

    Problem-based learning centres upon the experience of learners: how they take responsibility for their learning, how they integrate knowledge and develop theories, how ps3they engage in processes rather than just products of knowledge acquisition, how they communicate and how they assess themselves and others.

    The experience of the learner is also influenced by his physical environment. In an ideal PBL environment, students do not simply touch, see or hear passively; they feel, look and listen actively. In other words, they experience their environment.

    In the design of Republic Polytechnic's campus it was decided that as a learning space for PBL, it needed to be a rich environment that could elevate the experience of the learner beyond a potentate teacher-students connection.

    One of the first things that is noticeable about the RP campus is that there is no fence separating the community from our students - movement and interaction are almost seamless. Physical learning space for PBL must extend beyond the classroom. The RP campus was designed to encourage students to take the learning outside of the classrooms into the halls, the library, the cultural and sports facilities, and even the community.

    The sprawling lawn on the third floor and the Agora on the first floor. There are also a series of both formalised and informal courtyards, lawns, and green plazas composed along the main walking areas so as to provide visual and spatial relief within the campus. These open spaces invite students to gather and discuss, reflect, celebrate and display their work and talents.  

    Your Future Begins Here 

    You have not noticed this - RP offers unique courses that are not available elsewhere. RP specialises in technology for the arts, sports, health and leisure courses. Our four new courses in digital entertainment electronics, civil aviation, game design and hospitality management prove that RP is a forerunner in providing education that the industry needs. Discover our courses here.

    A Peek at How PBL Works: Problem Trigger Scenario

    ps4RP students solve problems related to their modules.

    Discussion of the Problem
    Students will need to scope the problem, given that context and purpose are undefined in the trigger. What is critical is the reasoning that supports the choices students make in their selection and depiction of the subject.

    Scaffolding for Students
    In their teams, students need to organise their approach to the problem by giving thoughtful responses to some of the questions discussed in class.

    Sharing their Solutions
    At the end of the day, the various teams will have to justify the choice of subject. The challenge for students is to convey a sense of congruence in their arguments. They are empowered to share with the class their chosen choice, decisions made, and articulate clear reasoning to support their decision. This gives students an opportunity to explore creativity in context and with a purpose.

    Co-Curricular Activities

    ps5Our students are empowered to manage their interest groups (IG) with their advisors. Their IG advisors are full-time staff from various schools, centres and offices. These advisors not only facilitate classes, but also share the joys and victories in competitions and social gatherings. At RP, staff are always there for their students.

    The Office of Student and Graduate Affairs (OSG) believes that every student must be given opportunities to heighten their social and moral dimension. OSG is committed in our efforts to enrich and enhance the student life experience in RP. Armed with sports, service learning, student wellness, graduate services and adventure learning centre, OSG works closely with the advisors to instill in students with the correct attitude and skills.

    The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) is home to 25 student art groups. TRCC provides a platform for students, staff, and the community around us, to realise their passion for the arts and culture. The Republic Cultural Centre houses the following student Interest Groups (IG): art, magic, drama, Indian cultural group (specialising in performance arts and cultural outreach), Malay cultural group (specialising in dance, Seni Silat and Malay literature, Chinese Orchestra, lion dance, Wushu, Japanese cultural group, percussions ensemble, choir/acappella, guitar ensemble, string ensemble and piano, Jammerz Arena, wind symphony, dance (specialising in modern, hip hop and social dances), and Gamelan.

    Admission Matters

    Just follow our step-by-step guide on how to apply to RP. Our friendly staff will answer your queries on the spot!

    If you are a foreigner and you have just completed your national college examination in your home country, please click here.

    Planning Your Future

    At RP, we provide a comprehensive platform from providing steps to continue your studies to liaising with industry partners for job placements. We truly care for our students and graduates.

    Further StudiesStudent Career Services  

    Financial Assistance

    Do you need financial assistance? You feel that a polytechnic education is too expensive for you? We can help you. Click here for more information on the financial assistance schemes that are available.

    Scholarships and bursaries: where you excel

    RP offers scholarships and bursaries to students with excellent academic records and those in need. To find out more, click here.

    See our  frequently asked questions.



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